A complete interactive & customized touchscreen solutions for your business,
used to access information & services 24/7

Our Solution

InfoTablet is the digital host that welcomes, guides, and interacts with your end users.
Via InfoTablet you offer access to detailed information about your services, products or locations.
For property owners we offer interactive solutions, site map, booking, indoor location.
For retail, product information, site map for shoping center and promotions based in positons.



  • Our solution combines HW and SW to meet your customers and end users' expectations.
  • We provide site survey, software development, intallation and field service giving you a turnkey customize solution
  • The integrated smart analytic tool within InfoTablet provides you with real-time information about end user interest and need.
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    Any business

    From Small to Large Businesses

    Innovators in retail, exhibitions, restaurants, healthcare, property owners, and many other industries are
    successfully deploying tablets to enhance the customer experience, manage queue times, and drive additional
    in-store revenue. So, why not your businnes next? We offer the best price on the market.

    Best Price

    Android tablets are changing the way the enterprise approaches commerce, making it possible to get more value at a lower price. This with more flexibility, simplicity and overall ease-of-use than existing commerce technologies.


    A variety of high quality tablets and screens with sizes from 10 to 84 inch will be availiable.
    The screens can be installed on walls, tables or floor stands.
    We will also provide all weather screens.

    Two way communication

    New technologies offer you the opportunity to learn more about your customers’ needs and behaviors in real time and predict their next moves. The intelligence behind InfoTablet makes it possible to adjust your offering and production according to the end-users' next steps.


    Who we are


    Robin Segovia
    CEO and founder
    With background in the mobile industry. Has worked in large companies e.g. Ericsson and Sony Mobile.

    Natalia Shleva
    Finance and Maketing

    Anders Olsson
    Maketing and project leader

    Alvar Arias


    We have built an extensive partner network of providers of end-to-end solutions, booking and indoor location


    We have more than 15 years of experience in developing, user interface applications, web technologies and framework for the mobile industry.
    Particulary, more than 6 years experience in Android Applications & Framework.



    Infotablets interactive solutions for retails or property owners Press the image for more information


    Office space solutions

    InfoTablet support Phone call and SMS notifications from visitors or curir companies.
    A part of that Infotable work today on integration of indoor location and booking of rooms.
    Press the image for more information